Wind Horse House

Wind Horse House
The Gait of the Wind
Hear Her Here
Her Hearth Hooves Move Us
Hers is our Howus.

Her Still Standing Strides
Art Our Whirling Wind’s Song
Light Raise Mane Waves
Her Star Stands Passage

Wind Horse House Crew:

Joe Bob Merritt (Lead Artist and Fabricator), Kat Bernier (Fabricator), Dr. Pierotti  aka Stephen J. Pierotti (Lead Constructor), Tom Cross (Artist-Painter, Constructor), Ken Conte (Constructor), Scott Harris (Lighting Consultant), and The Crested Butte Dance Collective – Joan, Sasha, KT and Laura

13,000 thanks to:

Anton Vidtz-Ward, Deep Creek Experimental, and the MINE CAMP Crew from Telluride, Colorado.  The Crested Butte Arts Festival, Burning Man Arts, The Artery crew, ASS and DPW.