Be a Unity _ Entirely You

Be-ings of Unity.

Beings of Beauty.

Hear Her Hoof, the Sound of Sole’s Gait.

Breathing Into this, This Is-ing-ness-is.

From Hence Forth Hear Our Hearth Hammer’s Forge.

And Feed Thy Need To Be Thou Art.

Speak One Wind into this Whirling World!

And make I-Are-In Sparks.

Hour Are-ing Is Our Art.

Be_One_Entity_Entirely  Wholey You

Hu is In Terrestrial-all-ity

.A Being of Unity in Matter-I-Reality

Never before seen, Souly Hu. Never Before You Knew.

As if I and You Is the Is-ing Art.

Whole-y Who?

Making Matters, Matter a New.

Our Re-Membering this Doing, Is You, and Our Part.