The Creation Is Not Finished and it Only Happens Now

Creativity is dependent upon forgiveness. Forgiveness is a pre-emptive act. Forgiveness means “to give before”. What can be given “before”? The action of forgiveness has nothing to do with accepting or tolerating behavior. Forgiveness means to preemptively understand that what ever will happen will be an expression of X acting appropriately according to the information received from the awareness function of X (IoX).

Understand that many awareness functions of X are asleep and are erroneously perceiving outside of time and are therefore reporting information to X that is more than less…inaccurate and incongruent with the truth of the present. X can only see the present. Whatever X sees through the IoX is assumed by X to be happening NOW. Often times, that which is communicated to X by way of the Awareness Function of X, is information  that is not happening now.

Forgiveness of  the past and the future can only happen now. It is possible, for an awaked I0X to see the truth of formal impermanence..and remember…this is the first time that “I” is here now…and remember X is Good. The truth valued sets one free.

Freedom means free-dominion. Freedom is the skill in being creatively response-able in the truth of the now. Freedom is being free to choose an action. Pre-judgement aka prejudice…the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil….is the killer of freedom. A moment that is pre-judged can never be seen accurately, for the ideal inherent in the pre-judgement will obscure the description of that moment.

Machines pre-judge, they are reactive…they act in exactly the same way, with no regard for the truth of now time. Machines have no ability to experiment in time. A machine has only one experience, and it replicates itself in that experience…until it destroys itself. This destruction is not intentional. Machines want to live, but they are ignorant. Repetitive action wears and tears. All machines are formally impermanent, but they could never think this thought. Because a machine is not alive in time, it has no concern for it. Machines think the now is a then. They act accordingly, and in so doing they devour the present, and all is lost.